2017 World Conference on  
E-Education, E-Business and E-Commerce

June 17-19, 2017, Phuket, Thailand

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Tour in Racha Yai, Phuke


Meet and gather the guests in the hotel lobby


Arrive at the wharf and get ready to board


Enjoy the sea fishing


Arrive in Racha Yai and be ready to snorkel


Enjoy the deliciously Chinese-style lunch


Enjoy the beauty scene of Racha Yai freely


Go back to the hotel and enjoy the sunset

Racha Yai, with its delicate and beautiful scenery, pure water and sand, relatively independent of the geographical location and luxurious supporting services and full of fun snorkeling movement had a lot of elegant taste the favour of tourists, especially in European and American visitors, and all this absolutely deserve the name "the emperor island". Compared with island of Phuket, beach environment is extraordinarily beautiful here, looking like a "Shangri-la" beautiful sight. Sea fishing is leisure sports, which is both stimulating and fun. Besides it can exercise the body.